Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ooohh, Aaahhh

Just spent a few minutes flipping through the photography section of The Pioneer Woman's site, and feel inspired to take more, pictures, especially black and white ones. I'll get right on that, ASAP. After finishing the forty hundred other things I should or could be doing besides flipping through PW's blog. But it reminded me of this one from yesterday:
My camera is not a DSLR. Maybe someday, but at the moment there are two inhibiting factors: 1) time, and 2) money. There hasn't even been time to learn how to use many of the features on this current camera. One thing that has been a little challenging for me with it though, is getting a good close-up shot. My intuition is that it requires some other kind of lens, but my knowledge is quite limited. While trying to capture this bamboo (story to follow) the camera would auto-focus on the table or the blinds in the background. Um. OK. That was a boring and irrelevant tangent. I finally got this shot and like it.
We bought this bamboo in the summer in the desert on a day when it was over 100F I believe, then left it in the car while we made a few quick stops. The leaf that was growing out of the top died. I wanted to toss it, but Geoff didn't give up so quickly. Soooo, it sat on our counter for weeks. No. Make that months. Until I recently discovered this little sprout erupting!

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