Saturday, January 9, 2010

Enamored with the lights

L was quite impressed by the (quite impressive) light shows we were priviliged to see this year: Christmas on Greenview and this house in Frisco as well as the Main Street display there, too. Yesterday while we were driving around in the car, she says, "Next year can we put some music on with our lights?"

Speaking of talking, there has been almost incessant logorrhea around here the past few days and I'm in desperate need of a break! I think there must be a little post-holiday blues going on as it has been getting to me more than usual.

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  1. Hey, we saw that B.G. light show last year when we were in the States and our kids loved it! Pretty nifty. Oh, and by the way, you taught me a new word today...I had to look up logorrhea and I'm still laughing. :)