Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's intentions...

...NOT resolutions.

The start of another year always leads me to think of things I'd like to change or do better in life. I gave up on "resolutions" a few years back though knowing that approximately 3 days later, they have been forgotten and little or no progress made.

The areas where it would be nice to see growth in my life this year are pretty much the same as previous years. There is the desire to read more, write more letters, stay on top of Bible study and scripture memory, improve many areas of my parenting abilities, eat better, exercise more, etc., etc., etc.
One of those "same old" areas, is the matter of keeping of the home. My intentions for this month and on are to get back to reading and applying the daily emails from FlyLady.
Another one that has been more of a struggle this fall than in the past (though there is always more to do than there is really time for) is getting to all of our school every day. Steve and Teri Maxwell from Titus 2 ministries will be speaking to our local homeschool group this month and I'm really looking forward to it, and hoping that it will be motivational and helpful in this area. Their book, Managers of Their Homes, has been on my wish list for a few years and I'm hoping to get a closer look at it at the meeting.

On more of a "fun" side, I'd like to try out more new recipes this year, and at the moment, Italian is on my mind. The stash of ingredients around here for making various Asian dishes needs to be used and cleaned out as well. It would also be great to be able to blog more consistently, keep up with the POW (Page of the Week) project, and knock off some of the sewing projects stacked up around here, but that's getting ahead of things a bit now, isn't it?

Here's a completed sewing project from the past few weeks. Miss B has been asking for an apron for a few months now (though she got a nice one last year for her birthday from a friend), so this was one of her birthday gifts:

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