Friday, November 20, 2009

A Day in the Life...

It feels like we didn't accomplish what we should have today. But that got me to thinking about what we/I DID accomplish:
...up, showered, dressed, ready to go
...a Bible study lesson
...folded one load of laundry
...started another and dried it later
...helped one child make a William Bradford hat
...helped another child make a Native American outfit - paper bag vest, feathered headband
...took all three children to a geography bee practice at the library - 2 hour practice, plus 40 min driving time
...answered at least 100 questions
...broke up and mediated what felt like that many arguments/disagreements/etc.
...made a batch of pancake mix up to have on hand for easier breakfasts
...oversaw 3 violin practices
...oversaw 3 grades of school
...made a pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving play get-together
...made maple hot chocolate for same
...washed dishes multiple times
...ate dinner
...went to fore-mentioned Thanksgiving play
...helped keep 8 kindergarten and 1st graders on track with their lines and parts in the play
...made spaghetti sauce, noodles, and roasted asparagus for dinner
...stayed up too late skimming a library book for a few minutes in the quiet that is only available around here after about 10pm
...gathered school books for L to work on during the geography practice, and snacks for after
...placed an order on the internet
...answered a few emails and checked facebook
...and so much more that I can't even remember at this point

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  1. I do that, too! On those days when it feels like we haven't done anything, I list what we have done. Then I realize that homeschooling is life and we accomplish so much on our days of not doing what I planned! LOL!