Friday, September 4, 2009

We "goo." Do you "goo" too?

The kids have been asking to make "goo" again for about a month. "Goo" is an interesting concoction of school glue, water, acrylic paint, and Borax that turns into this really neat slimy substance that they will play with for hours. (I posted about this a year ago.)This fork is a lady with a dress. Could you tell?This is a good time of year to make some since glue is often on sale 5 for $1. Fortunately we stocked up, because the girls were out "flaunting" their goo to all the neighbors, who wanted to make some as well. I ended up making 9 batches of goo, right at the time I was trying to make dinner the other night.

On another note, I've dropped my camera (actually, it falls out of the bag, which is not a good one for it and probably ought to be replaced) a few times and am afraid it has messed it up a bit. It seems like a number of pictures are overexposed.


  1. I think it's time we made some goo around here I could use hours of entertainment for my boys! Can you email me the recipe?


  2. LOVE the color! Seems like any day would be a good day to "goo"! LOL!

  3. You dropped your camera???!