Monday, September 14, 2009


Bet you wonder where I've been...all two of you who read this. Most recently camping. Hard to believe it has been over a week ago since we went!!!

Psycho Dog went along this time, and amazingly did not suffer a complete and utter mental collapse, though we were all worried on the way there, as he was in his kennel under a flapping tarp barking his brains out for a good portion of the trip. He has an obsession with tennis balls that is over the top. He will bark at the kids in the back yard the whole time they are out there if they don't throw a ball for him every 15 seconds.

He will chase one for hours and can pretty much outlast any human who will attempt to wear him down. He ran and ran and barked and shook his stinky, wet, sandy self all over Geoff's students every time he got in/out of the water the whole day while we were down at the lake. He wouldn't even stop for a drink.

Little L going for a ride in the boat.Daddy the human life raft.One of the students coming within reach of whiplash, and loving every minute of it.

Lady L with a lizard.
For the meeting times, the topic was how various people worship God with bits from the Sacred Pathways book by Gary Thomas. Little G wanted to be in the middle of everything and it was kind of that he actually picked up on some of what was taught/discussed and wanted to take the test that evaluates one's preferred ways of worshipping God himself!

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