Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Playing along with two of the blogs I read daily, when in the normal routine (here and here):

Outside the window...the dog is doing his "psycho" routine, because it appears to be thundering about 25 miles away.

I am thinking...about way too many things, but at the moment that I should be cleaning the refrigerator instead of blogging.

I am thankful for...greatly improved behavior from my eldest the past 72 hours and praying it continues.

From the kitchen...last night baked ziti - a recipe from Patty P. years ago, and tonight a new one called Boka Dushi (Dutch West Indian Chicken Kebabs).

I am wearing...jeans & a light green and white top with my all-time favorite pair of sandals (well, at least for the past 10+ years anyway - I'm on the second pair).

I am creating...not much right as there are way too many other things needing my attention, such as planning and ordering school for the fall, cleaning and purging the house, reading some books, watching a few movies we have home from the library that are going to need to be returned, etc. Sometimes I feel a huge need to create something, but am thankful not to feel that way at the moment as there really isn't time. To be honest, there are a few sewing projects in the works for B who is beginning to desperately need new summer jammies, and is also growing out of many pairs of shorts, but will not be gotten to for a few more weeks.

I am reading...Ann of Green Gables with the kids and reading through the Bible in a year. I have been itching to get to some titles on my nightstand ASAP. Hope to do a post related to them soon.

I am hearing...the kids watching an episode of Five Mile Creek in the other room.

Around the house...the kitchen floor is gross and it isn't the only thing!!!

One of my favorite having a day or two to read a really good book to completion.

A few plans for the rest of the week...a couple of get-togethers, violin lessons, and the frequently aforementioned mile-long "to do" list.

A picture (or two) to share...

Hope the rest of your week is great!!!

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  1. It was so nice hiking the narrows at Zion. Thanks to my wife, she was well prepared with shoes for walking in the river for all of us. Next time we will have to bring swim suits also! The "trail" keeps going up the canyon in the river requiring some traversing through chest deep water.