Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My contribution to March of the Tools

For years I have avoided making anything that required citrus peel (unless I could substitute the oils mentioned here). The type of grater shown above, was all I had or knew, and the combination of scraped knuckles, half of the peel being stuck on the grater, the challenge of cleaning it afterwards, etc., made it more trouble than it was worth to me. But the job of acquiring citrus peel for a recipe has been revolutionized for me by this little number:
Over the years, I have been a sucker now and then for kitchen gadgets, and in the end have become one of those people who are usually most happy with a plain old knife, rather than fancy slicer/shopper/grater options that are more trouble to get out, put away, clean, and store, than they are worth. This Mircroplane grater leaves the bits of peel slightly bigger than the old fashioned, method, but the relative ease of use (and clean up) makes it worth it. It's gotten lots of use on all the oranges our friends and family in the valley have bestowed upon us this spring!

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