Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another scrapbook challenge

Kirsten posted another scrapbook page challenge this week, and it just so happened that I had a set of photos that fit the layout. In the most recent issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine, the following was stated in an Ali Edwards' article on "trouble spots."

"One of the ways I counter that little voice of perfection is to work with an attitude of perspective. I think ahead to the future and ask myself what stories I wish I remembered. I then consider if I would care if the stamping was imperfect...the products 'old'...the pieces not cut exactly to size. No way. I'd simply be happy to see the photos, read the words and see something from a loved one who cared enough to tell the story of their (or my) life. Focus on the story you are trying to communicate rather than attempting to achieve creative perfection. (Who decides what 'perfect is anyway?)"

It was a bit of freedom to read that. I have never been "hip" or "cool" and have been 3 to 10 years behind the times most of my life, in fashion as well as other areas, and my scrapbook pages are another reflection of that. So yes, my "page element" was trendy years ago, but I used up something and still told the story, and my kids who are the ultimate beneficiaries of this hobby have no clue and are happy to have the memories to review. And really, 20 years from now, when they are closer to my current age, and are looking at these layouts, will any of us really know/think that - "Agh! Those products were so out of style in 2008!"


  1. I did it! Check out my blog to see. I didn't get the last one done (sick again) but I did this one and may try to do the other one during the kids naps today!! I may use these ideas for my National Scrapbook Day as a breakout!! Thanks for posting.