Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Hybrid" bread baking

Besides cooking, another favorite hobby of mine is scrapbooking, and I like to read related magazines and blogs. Since the development of digital scrapbooking, the term "hybrid" has come to be used in reference to a person who utilizes both conventional as well as digital elements in their scrapbooking.

We make most of our bread, and it just occurred to me that I am similarly, a hybrid bread baker. I use a bread machine extensively, but almost NEVER bake the bread in it, just run the dough cycle. (There are also times where I will make the bread completely by hand, as well.) I like the way it comes out of the oven much better, but the way the dough mixes up in the machine and the simplicity of it. It seems like this might have been mentioned a long time ago, but there have been times when I have measured out several boxes of dry ingredients (minus the yeast) for our everyday bread and just dumped a box in with the water and yeast when more bread was needed.

1 comment:

  1. I guess I am a hybrid scrabooker then, I love to scrap digitally now! I may have to try the bread making method though! My family doesn't go for the bread so much the second day so I've given up for now. Too crumbly!