Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 things

This was something I posted elsewhere online, but there is a handful of you reading this that wouldn't have seen it there, so I am including it here.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. I’m ultra practical and logical, which is usually a good thing but can sometimes go too far, as well as diminish opportunities to have fun and enjoy life!
2. Cooking is a pleasure not a chore; though as more of my time goes to schooling the kids each year that has shifted a bit.
3. I used to be able to spot a forged prescription a mile away, as well as a person with “drug-seeking behavior” – not a highly useful skill in my current line of work.
4. I have little to no sense of style/fashion and occasionally wish I did, but not enough to spend hours trying to figure it out. (There are lots of other things I like to spend hours doing more than that!) Sometimes my more fashionable friends help me out a little! J
5. Big crowds are typically not my thing, though I will brave them for my children’s benefit, or in order to feel “included.” It is much more satisfying to sit down with one person and really get to know them.
6. We didn’t have a TV for most of my childhood, and have one currently, but can’t get any channels – just use it for watching videos, etc.
7. There isn’t really anything I can do about my hair (short of spending hours that aren’t available on it). Those products that promise to tame frizz? Maybe for some people.
8. My husband and I met in Albania.
9. I had never been west of Kansas prior to meeting him, but in recent years have been on both coasts in the same summer on more than one occasion.
10. Crafts are a huge distraction for me. Creating something nice makes me happy.
11. I hate, hate, hate to hurt people’s feelings or let them down, but know it happens often. Then I worry about it for days. I’ve had to let go of this a little as a mom. Gossip also makes me very uncomfortable and I will have a guilty conscious for days if I think I shared something that might have fallen under that category.
12. Along with that, I’m very sensitive (perhaps discerning) to what others are thinking or feeling (which can be a double-edged sword), and am often concerned about how others are responding to various situations, such as comments made in small groups, life circumstances, etc.
13. My farm background has been much more appreciated as an adult and parent.
14. There are some aspects of home-keeping that I am a little OCD about (keeping on top of the laundry) and some that I am not (pretty much everything else).
15. I have a tendency to try out new recipes on company.
16. We love snow! If it is going to be cold outside anyway, bring it on!
17. I also love rainy days, which are very rare in this “neck of the woods.”
18. We are more of a musical family than an athletic one.
19. I love getting letters in the mail, and communicating with people in most forms except the phone.
20. I usually prefer to listen rather than to talk, especially about myself (filling this out feels weird as well) and really enjoy learning about other people.
21. We have two guinea pigs.
22. I’m very nostalgic and sentimental and sometimes dream of life in bygone eras.
23. While teaching my children, I’ve discovered that history can actually be pretty interesting!
24. All sorts of ethnic foods appeal to me – it’s fun to try new things, as long as they aren’t too spicy and don’t involve raw meat.
25. Being a Christ-follower has been a great adventure, and though sometimes I get distracted or discouraged, I look forward to what God does the rest of my life.

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