Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow(y) Days

This is long...but mostly pictures. We are a family of snow lovers. Yesterday little G said, "A little bit of heaven came to earth!" About a foot had fallen overnight and left a winter wonderland. B said, "The trees look like they've been dipped in sugar." There was lots of shoveling (including opportunities to apply Sunday's sermon and serve some of the neighbors) and sore backs - mostly Geoff's. Sledding, and slipping around, fort building, snow eating (this child eats all snow - dirty or not),and warm and cozy time inside near the fire, with a mug full of something warm.

Something that has changed tremendously from last year, is L's ability to go out with everyone else and stay out for more than 10 minutes at a time. She was out for a good hour or two before she came back in yesterday, which has continued to astonish me over the past 24 hours. She is also a good worker, and did her share of shoveling (never mind that half the time she flips it back on the other side of the porch and has to shovel it again...). She is just the most adorable thing, especially bundled up in her snow gear!It's so hard not to just squeeze her!!!
Here is a random, unrelated shot of her cleaning out the spaghetti sauce jar after the rest of it went into some lasagna. This just makes me laugh. For a child who is a bit particular about what they eat, cold spaghetti sauce from the jar baffles me. (If you happen to be reading this Molly, their are a few members of your family represented in the background.) After all that snow play and cold air, it was a snugly evening inside. Snow days put me in a "crafty" mood, and I must not be the only one. This one needed a paper chain to count down the days till Christmas (actually mommy needed it so she didn't have to answer the question so often).
And this one wanted to learn how to cross stitch:Partly because she saw her brother make this in the past week or so (pretty much all on his own, once he got started):

And this one wanted Daddy to learn his new Mexican train dominoes game.Anyway, today was another snow day, though we didn't have so much accumulation overnight. Geoff had to go to the dentist and to work for a while and took little G with him, partly so he could help him shovel at the school. That left just us girls at home. While the boys are away, the girls will play...We also thought it was time to fill up the bird feeder now. And after dinner, they all decided to go out and play in it again. Here they are about 7:10pm. For some reason, it warmed up to 35F this evening and the tree was raining on them, but they didn't seem to mind.
Supposed to get roughly another foot or so tonight. Wonder what we'll find in the morning!


  1. Love the pictures! It looks so festive and inviting... ALMOST makes me wish for snow. LOL!

  2. What fun pictures! Also, isn't it great that L can now go out and STAY out? That's like a huge relief for mommy's on snow days.

  3. fabulous. Snow in flagstaff is amazing. We got a minor ice storm here. It is now raining and all the ice is gone.

  4. Oh,our girls would be so jealous if they saw these pics! Although, we have had a couple of decent snows. They even got to go sledding once while we've been here. They are hoping for one more good snow before we head back to Peru...only 12 more days, we'll see if the snow makes it or not! Thanks for pointing out the pic, I never would've noticed it...funny. That cracks me up that she licks out the spaghetti sauce jar. :) Have a Merry Christmas!