Monday, December 15, 2008

Recent reading

This is what I'm reading right now, but am only a few chapters into it:
G has been working on this one the past few weeks about the Johnstown, PA flood of 1889:
B is finishing up Old Yeller:
My parents were just here for a visit (which partially explains my absence from here the past several days), and my mom passed this book on to me that she finished after they arrived:
I devoured it in two evenings' worth of reading or so. It is a gripping story, but heavy, though it ends on a positive note. The theology is a bit "loose," so if that bothers you...

And they brought this one for Geoff to read when he gets a chance: We were skimming it together a few nights ago and it looks pretty fascinating.

I have this one home from the library and foresee curling up next to the wood burning stove with it while we are snowed in the next day or two:


  1. I refuse to read Old Yeller. =(

    But I've been wanting to read The Christmas Sweater!

  2. I loved this post. The pictures made me want to read every book. Although not sure about the Glenn Beck one...loose theology ends up ticking me off!