Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Procrastination Wednesday and much more

It seems like some organizational, get-your-life-in-order website I used to subscribe to had "anti-procrastination Wednesday" where you were supposed to tackle things you had been putting off or something like that on that day.

It's 10:52am and not one speck of school has been accomplished yet. Two young people who should be finishing up school and violin practice have mysteriously disappeared, and since they are being very quiet, I have not set out to find them and jump into my daily role of "teacher." Partly because I know the response is going to be especially unpleasant, due to them being up 2 hours past their bedtime last night. And partly due to me being up too late for the past 2 nights and several nights the week prior to that. Ambition is ebbing under the circumstances...

The reason for it being a late one last night, was the Indian Bible College's 50th anniversary alumni potluck (also including all current students and staff). Though it was really a struggle for me to be social last night (due to being out so late the night before among other things), I was blessed/inspired/encouraged by the turn out, the testimonies, the worship, and hearing a bit more of the history of IBC.

This family was sharing how God has held them together and how they came to be at IBC this fall:
A couple of past and present students led a great time of singing:

We had our first snow Sunday night and woke up to this:

Somehow the kids managed to scrape a couple of hours worth of fun out of 1/2-1 inch of snow.

I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try out this recipe for Maple Hot Chocolate, which was sooooo good...

We had Shakshuka (an Israeli egg dish) for breakfast:One of the things I've been doing while procrastinating, is checking out some photos taken by Wendy, which are just amazing. If I ever had a ton of spare time (and $$$), I would love to improve my photography skills.

Everyone is coming out of the woodwork now. It's lunchtime. We don't procrastinate about food around here...


  1. oooh. That egg dish looks interesting! and every mom should take a day off now and again...

  2. That hot chocolate recipe looks interesting. You should share that one!- Kelly