Friday, November 14, 2008

December project

This project was inspired by this blog.

It is going to be somewhat of an "eclectic" album to record in each day of December. Some people make eclectic look really good, but it is a struggle for me. This project seemed like a low pressure way to give it a try (and to use things that have been here for a while...). This is the cover in progress. Just two pieces of chipboard saved from some packaging, and cut to the desired size, and one side doubled up because it was pretty thin.

These are the backs of the front and back covers before finishing them off. Paper, cardstock and ribbon glued to the chipboard.Making holes for the book rings to hold it all together:

I'm trying to use (mostly) things I already had on hand for it, though have to confess to picking up some little accents at our local scrapbook store. This is the completed front cover, including a layer of ModPodge for durability:

I'm waiting to add the daily numbers and embellish the pages when adding the pictures and writing. I think the point was to have all that done ahead of time so it would be a quick thing each day of December to print a picture and write a little about it, but waiting to put those on probably is a reflection of my issues with trying to be "eclectic." Here are some of the pages.

So far, this much has been accomplished using little bits of time from 5 minutes to half an hour, here and there.

Back cover, pre-ModPodge:

Thanks for looking!

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  1. I love it! It *almost* inspired me to try it - soon! ;o)