Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here's our little man making sausage using his (Italian) great-grandpa's recipe.
He even offered and attempted to clean up (which is truly shocking) but it is amazing how tenuous ground pork can be - even after soaking in hot soapy water for an extended time!

He's really into raking the pine needles up this week (which may have something to do with getting paid for each full bag...). But the really interesting thing was how the pine needles just started dropping all at once Sunday and have been raining down ever since. With every little gust of wind there is a flurry of needles. Not quite the same effect as leaves, but a signal of fall never the less.They have been asking for caramel corn for a while - a project which I have not been anxious to undertake but finally succumbed to.

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  1. Your little man is going to make a great husband waaaaaaay off in the far future! (Didn't want you to panic =P)

    I've never made sausage but would love to learn... =D