Friday, September 26, 2008

Taking a little challenge...

I am excited about a little challenge/project that Ali Edwards is starting up for the coming week on documenting a week in your life.

Not sure that I'll actually do it (and am not committing to it by mentioning it here).

Really...I don't need one more thing to do right now. But I'm thinking about it. Life has felt a little heavy recently and the idea of tackling this project seems like a potentially positive diversion. Don't you think it would be cool to have a look into a week in the life of some of your family who has come before you? How did your mom/grandma/etc. deal with the ups and downs of daily life? What WERE the ups and downs of daily life?

As I sit here and think about it though, it might bring to light some things I need to change as well. For example, how do I spend the time each week I've been given?

Maybe we'll even lighten up a little on school and the kids can work on their own versions of this project. They would LOVE that (both - lightening up on school and doing a project with/like mommy).

Knowing myself, as well as the demands of everyday life, doubt that any of it will happen. But it is nice to dream about.

A random photo and thought to get the "juices flowing."
One of my weekly jobs is cleaning the guinea pig cage.
Yeah, I know, they should be doing that.
It's on my list of things to do: "Train children to change pig cage without using $15 worth of water and dumping/tracking pig 'stuff' all over the house."
They were entertaining the "girls" while the cage was unavailable, on the front porch. Little G thought this might serve as a treadmill (one of them especially needs a little exercise). Not quite. And they weren't especially entertained by it either.


  1. I remember when my kids were young. I had a lot more work to do! Now that they're older- my "baby" is 12- life is so much easier. They can, and do, help with so much!

    But when they were small -some things were just esier to do myself! LOL!

    We used to set aside Fridays as "Fun Fridays" and we'd do something other than bookwork. A trip to the library, a cool project, a craft, gardening, etc. Anything that they looked forward to that kept me from having to nag... =P