Sunday, September 28, 2008

Decided to give it a try

I began the "week in the life" challenge mentioned previously, which involves taking more-than-the-usual amount of photos, on Friday afternoon. Here are some random shots from the past few days: Digging through compost at the city Science Festival Saturday afternoon - it was a beautiful day!
A little anatomy lesson:
Checking out the rescue helicopter at the hospital:
"Teaching" L (a task that seems to require nerves of steel at this point):
Story time with daddy during the few brief hours he was home during that time period:
Making clay pots Saturday morning - art class at home. Do you still have a clay pot you made as a child? Unfortunately we don't have a kiln, so the longevity of these ones is questionable...

After more than a month, I finally got to sit in and hear the sermon today! It was a blessing though someone woke me up at 4:45am this morning which slightly affected my alertness factor!
And NO soccer games today, which run from 12:45 to 4:45 with all three kids at different times. What a relief! There are still about 4 weeks left after this, but the break was wonderful today.


  1. Wow! You have a busy life. I honor your commitment to home schooling. May God bless your efforts and your family.

  2. The pics don't show the frustrations- just looks like a whole lot of fun learning! I like pictures! LOL!

    Glad you got that break....

  3. Hi! I saw your comment over on Ali's blog and thought I'd pop in and say hi! I hope that's ok! I love your photos- perfect for this project! Enjoy your day!