Saturday, August 23, 2008

First week down! Wahoo!

Well, we survived the first week. It went pretty well apart from the first day which I think was just a shock to the system for some people. It has left me more drained in the evenings than usual, which has led to some musing on the non-stop nature of parenting and home schooling. I don't go home at night from this job! And for the most part, I am the only one responsible for the training of these little people. For me, it is a constant challenge too, to resist the urge to compare myself and my children to others and their children (one of those "not-to-dos" from the article mentioned in the previous post). Another topic I could go on about, but not for now.

We are LOVING this book:
I will "review" it when we finish, but you can read other's thoughts on it here. So far I pretty much agree with what all the other reviewers wrote, and would especially recommend it for young boys in the (roughly) 8-13 year old range (to read on their own maybe a little older - it contains words like lugubrious - now a new favorite around here). If you click on that word, see especially the Webster's definition after you scroll down the page a bit. Here's a lugubrious self-portrait of little G.
Wanted to include this bit from what I just read this morning:

"I have heard that nobody can hope to be voted in as president of the U.S.A. if his or her TV personality isn't warm and beguiling. Where are the truly educated citizens who can direct the future of our countries by their wise choices? We don't seem to have people who have considered the consequence of wrong ideas. They seldom look to principles that are right, but rather to personal peace and affluence. They don't see themselves in a flow of history; they are isolated. They don't understand that all matters are interrelated." -
Susan Schaeffer Macauley in For the Children's Sake

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  1. Ooh! Looks like a good read. I don't have a "little" boy- my two boys are all grown-up. But I do have a little tomboy who may appreciate it! =D