Friday, August 29, 2008

Dinner and acting

I have a few minutes: The tribe is reenacting some combination of Moccasin Trail and Doctor Dolittle. Very...interesting (and loud and crazy). Right now they are stalking a "pushmi-pullyu" in full headdress in the living room. I found this on the couch during breakfast. Kind of caused a double-take.

Turns out I didn't have a few minutes. It is tempting to vent, but it wouldn't edify a certain young member of the family, so I'm restraining myself. But now I'm back.

Geoff's mom left behind the July issue of Martha Stewart Living when she stayed here this summer. For dinner last night we tried the Balsamic, Caper, and Anchovy Marinade for fish. MSL recipes don't usually appeal to me - too "frou-frou" and gourmet - I don't have that much time or money. But I happened to have the ingredients on hand for this and wanted to do something different with the fish. Here is the dish before baking and after baking:The marinade was good. The fish - not so much. I'll try it again with a different kind of fish such as tilapia. (This was whiting.)

Hmm. Now they are on to Lewis and Clark, which for some reason is involving a ream of printer paper. Mapping perhaps?

Looking forward to the weekend and time with family and friends. Have been encouraged about some things with our chuch this week too - opportunities for us to get more involved, though hopefully it isn't too much, especially for Geoff.

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  1. Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    I love your kids' "pushmi-pullyu" from Dr. D. That was my favorite animal in the original movie!