Monday, July 14, 2008

Today's adventures so far

We headed out to the blueberry farm this morning. This was their opening day and it was INSANE - felt like we were back at Disney, lines and all!!! But there were plenty for all. We should have went a little earlier in the morning, as it got pretty toasty while we were out there.
This is the lazy method of picking blueberries.
The loot.
The line.
After that, en route to the grocery store, the kids noticed this little scene straight out of Make Way for Ducklings:
Eleven of them!
We have no idea where they came from, they were incapable of flying and were in the middle of a large sea of concrete.
We wanted to help them but weren't sure what to do, so we herded them down to a grassy area between two buildings. The mom went off the edge of the sidewalk and they followed/fell after her. Then they couldn't get back up.

Those little things were able to scoot along pretty fast on their tiny little web-footed legs!
So glad we had the camera!


  1. Those ducklings are so cute. What a fun day to get to show your kids stuff like that. Do they even have ducks in Flagstaff? haha

  2. Hi my dear Tiffani! Patrick just told me about your blog and I love the pictures! I have been loving seeing what you are doing, your kids are growing. Blessings to you in the Hoosier state! Love, Alicia

  3. We never get tired of wathcing our little ducklings follow along! Glad your kids got to see it! And blueberries.... YUM!