Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday morning it rained for a while. This is a rare occasion back at home, and two little girls were quite delighted to go play in it, especially since puddles were involved, which we almost never get at home. L comes bouncing in the door: "This is TOTALLY FUN!!!" The rest of the day we worked and played around here. The results included three pies. Here is what we had for dinner that night (which my dad declared a balanced meal):

We always try to land here during sweet corn season and pretty much gorge on it. My brother's friend grows it about 1/2 mile or so away from here. Doesn't get much fresher! Unfortunately, we're going to miss out on the tomatoes - they're not ripe yet - and as my aunt put it, "I hope you get to have some Indiana tomatoes before you go back. They are the best!!" It's true. You haven't lived till you've had one straight from the garden here.

That second pie is what came from our cherry picking outing. Really good, but a LOT of work.

The baby finally exited the jungle of grass.

Another not-so-great picture from the SWAMP performance. But check out the organ pipes behind the scenery. I love going back to this church I grew up in. For one thing, they still play the organ. There is just something about singing hymns with the organ, the building vibrating with the music, choir backing it up, that stirs one's soul a bit.

One aspect of coming back for visits at church that I felt I handled inadequately yesterday, is what I will call "social juggling." There are so many people to greet and speak with all in that few minutes before and after church and only one of me (also trying to track down three children - the two oldest ones were stuck in Sunday school for quite some time after the service, with some gracious and patient teachers). Many people receive our monthly letter and pictures, so they remember and recognize us and know a little bit about us and what is going on in our lives, but we don't usually have the reciprocal opportunity. Anyway, even though the service was a blessing, I left feeling a little discouraged at how I handled some of the conversational juggling. PTL for God's grace - praying He covered for my blunders yesterday.

After church and lunch, we stopped by my grandparents' graves for a bit. There are cemeteries everywhere around here and the kids have been asking about them, so we took a field trip, and the opportunity to clean them up a bit. B worked diligently cleaning the dirt off of her namesake's marker and made a rubbing afterward.


  1. Awww! I'm so jealous of that trip!
    I used to play in the puddles after it rained. And sometimes WHILE it rained....
    And I love fresh sweet corn with butter dribbling all over....

  2. Cute pictures. I'm bummed I missed the blueberries and cherries! It is actually raining a lot right now in AZ! I love you all.