Sunday, July 27, 2008


My friend Jennie got me with a book tag. Can't resist that! Here's how it goes:

Rules: Find the book nearest to you with 123 pages or more. Turn to page 123 and find the fifth sentence on the page. Provide the title and author, and then type in that sentence.

Tricky because there are probably at least 40 books within easy reach, but I'll go with the top of my stack. It is Writing with Ease: Strong Fundamentals by Susan Wise Bauer.
The sentence is: "Student: The cat ate the mouse." Exciting stuff, huh?

The second book down has a more interesting result. Soul Guide by Dr. Bruce Demerest and the sentence is: "How was my reaction different from what Jesus called the disciples to do?"

I'm tagging Alicia, if she's up for it, and anyone else who reads this!

While on the topic of books, I am trying to renew my mind in preparation for starting school up around here again before too long. I am needing a paradigm shift - a change in how I view life, my children, and parenting - and am trying to squeeze in some reading to help point me that direction. Starting out with For the Children's Sake: Foundations of Education for Home and School, by Susan Schaeffer Macauley. Not particular reason for starting with this one other than it was loaned to me by someone and I want to read it and return it.


  1. The closest book to me is a Christmas book. HOW in the world did a Christmas book get set next to the computer? sheesh, someone needs to clean.

  2. LOL @ the comment above! =D

    I think you can almost always tell a homeschool family by the stacks of books!