Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back home again!

Hey Y'all (that is all 5 of you who check in here on a regular basis)!
We're back from our adventure to Southern California with Geoff's family. I'll post more ASAP, but am in the process of doing 40 hundred loads of laundry (that's one of my favorite big numbers), and stashing away the 80 bajillion (another one of my favorite big numbers) various items we took along, and somehow managed to keep track of. Little G lost a pair of sunglasses on the Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the laptop fell out of the back of the van this afternoon and has apparently went kaput, much to Geoff's chagrin as he in need of it for school this week - lots of papers to write. Praying that he is able to fix it, especially since half of our vacation pictures are on it. (Fortunately I had uploaded them to the internet already.)

The pine trees are shedding their pollen so we arrived home to everything being covered in a layer of greenish yellow dust! Garden survived. But I really must go. More later...

1 comment:

  1. Glad you made it back safely! I hate all the catch-up stuff that has to be done but I always love coming home....

    So is it fixable?