Sunday, March 30, 2008

Is it being 3, or is it OCD?
We hope it is just a phase and she grows out of it, but whatever it might be, it is currently accentuated by the lack of a nap two days in a row!

We're back
It is fun to live in a place where you can drive from winter to summer in about 2 hours or less. We spent the past 2 days in the valley, taking in a state fish and game youth expo for a field trip, time with friends, and another trip to the science museum before our passes expire. We were warned at the start of the field trip to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes as they had found three at this site the day before while they were preparing for it. Fortunately the only ones we saw were in cages. (Snakes don't freak me out too much, but I'd prefer for neither my children or myself to have any personal encounters with a rattler.) Interesting to see a boat parked in the middle of the desert. The kids enjoyed picking through owl pellets and finding rat bones, etc.

Unfortunately for you, there is only a still picture of this Wii event, for a video complete with sound would definitely give you a good laugh. Two adult women, up late (by my standards, not C's), playing video games.

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