Monday, March 31, 2008

cooking with 3 assistants and camera MIA

The camera is currently out-of-house, along with Geoff who is off on an adventure on the Navajo rez with his students and co-workers. They are attempting to bless a little church in Red Lake (it probably won't be on the map - it consists of the church and a few other little houses). Gabe went with him and the others yesterday for the Sunday service and some reconnoitering. They returned last night to our relative metropolis for supplies and one more shower before heading out again this morning. You see, there is no running water there. And I can't wait to share about the outhouse situation but will wait for the camera to return, hopefully with great visual props to go with the story. But I will say that we were glad to have made the decision for the girls and I not to go with them yesterday. I was grossed out just taking them to all the public restrooms over the weekend while we were gone. (Why do little girls have to touch every exposed surface in a bathroom no matter how many warnings that they might die from the germs they are likely picking up?)

And in spite of attempting to work out a fair and equitable system for each child to have a turn helping cook, it still turns into a group shindig. First of all, our kitchen is not large. As a matter of fact, barely double the size of our married student housing kitchen and is basically a hallway. Now picture adding three to four people into that area while trying to do anything. It can be a little claustrophobic. And all of them chattering away at me while I try to follow a recipe, wash the dishes, etc. Geoff has been concerned about my mental ability lately. But is it any wonder with 3-4 voices ringing in my ears (along with my own thoughts) nearly every waking hour every day? Anyway, little G is increasingly capable in the kitchen (he can even cut up meat and vegetables which are tasks I am more than happy to pass along to someone else). It's when the other 2 join in, that chaos ensues. One at a time, things go pretty well. Oh, there is a visual I can share from last week when little L helped with some muffins.

Were the camera on the premises, I would give you a glimpse of the increasingly depressing view from our front door. The lot next to our house which has been empty since we moved in is growing a house. Not only is it no longer available to be the neighborhood play area, the walls started to go up yesterday and the visibility from our house is going to be significantly reduced. Big bummer.

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