Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Pantry Challenge

I've been missing this blog and wanting to show up here again! Life is so full with the living of it right now, that blogging isn't a priority. But it helps me to slow down and think a bit and to consider our lives and not just race through them.

While cleaning out the email inbox this morning, I came upon this:

I'd like to make and freeze some meals in the next few days before school starts up again next week, and that is more of a priority to me than cleaning out the pantry. BUT cleaning out the pantry is something that needs to be done - not urgently - but determinedly. (Does that make sense?) So if possible, the two can be integrated and we can clear out some of the older items in the freezer and pantry, but prepare some things for the busy nights full of extracurricular activities that are about to resume again, at the same time.

It is impossible for me not to consider things I'd like to change or do better or differently when the new year begins. While writing goals or resolutions and then doing something about them has been futile for the most part, there are still things that come to mind at this time each year. Here's to growth in us all this year!

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