Friday, July 22, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Full

I've been thinking about this little neglected blog and how there are things I'd like to do with it and things to share, but life has been full "to the max" and left little time for lingering here.

This past week (month!) life was full with 4-H and the county fair. Since we returned to the midwest and live near my parents' beef farm, the children have been able to experience a bit of my childhood, especially showing cattle. We have traveled to several shows with my dad since we moved back, and just culminated the summer show circuit (for us - taking a pass on the state fair this year) with the county fair. It happened to be one of the hottest ever. Lucky us! But the new beef barn was bearable with all the fans running. It was a bit sad that they didn't get to be in the same barns I stalled in as a child, but I think with the heat, it was a good thing.

I was proud of all three of them. Little G just returned from two weeks of back-to-back camps, and managed to control his attitude and still function (though his brain is pretty much gone at this point).

Glueing up his heifer's leg hair before the show

B fractured her arm 5 days before the cow show part started (fortunately she was done with her other projects), and still managed to lead her calves around, show, them, and pretty much everything except carry the pitchfork with manure (it's heavy!).

Styling her heifer's tail before the show, with help from L

It was a draining 4 days or so, but feels good to have accomplished it and done well!

I hope to post more on the fair later!

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  1. Yes! A beautiful, full life! What a sense of accomplishment -- showing beef. Congratulations!