Thursday, June 9, 2011

A much overdue gift of gratitude!

Here's a few shots of a project in progress. This was a gift for my cousin who planned a lovely getaway for us last fall. The first attempt didn't turn out the way I hoped or wanted it to, so it was reworked into something else. This is the second try. First an 8x10 canvas was painted with acrylic paints. Then I started playing around with how to lay it out.

The shells, stones, and sand were collected on the beach where the picture was taken.

The Scrabble tiles were in my stash and were perfect, as Scrabble was a part of the weekend.

Acrylic gel medium was used to attach the sand and pictures, and a heavier duty adhesive was used for the rocks and shells.

Completed project:

A little painting done by B.