Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Attempting to make a change

There really isn't spare time in my life for scrapbook keeping right now, and as previously mentioned, I waffle back and forth on whether it is the best use of my limited time, or maybe more accurately, what the Lord would have me to use the time He's given me to do. Having said that, I am beginning the process of transitioning from traditional scrapbooking, to digital. While there are several benefits to going digital, it seems that there is initially a huge learning curve, so creating a page takes as much or more time than ever. My hope is that with practice, the opposite will be true, and there will be less physical clutter associated with it, which will ultimately be a time-saver as well. I've also read that it is important to keep learning and trying new things to keep one's mind fit, so hopefully learning this new skill will contribute to that, because goodness knows, my mind needs some fitness!!!

This is my third layout. It was put together as quickly as possible using a template from a challenge on JessicaSprague.com There isn't spare time for blogging either, and while there is more to say on this topic and this layout, I must go get the day rolling around here!


  1. I scrap digitally check out my blog. I don't use PSE. but use a really simple and cheap program called my memories suite. What software are you trying? You can also download tons of free kits to add use in most programs.

  2. it's super cute! There is a huge learning curve, but I think it is fun too.

  3. I like it Tiffani. I don't know if I can say it gets much faster - maybe a little, but it definitely cuts down on the clutter and trips to the craft store...