Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Down on the farm...Spring edition

Lots of action on the farm these days! How cute are these little ones?Bottle feeding a set of twins (their mom doesn't make enough milk to adequately nourish both of them at this stage).
Yum, yum, yum.Meanwhile, the bystanders get curious. This one is tasting my jeans.Older and wiser, this woman is aware that there are special goodies in there (she is not the twins' mother, but knows that there is food in the stall with them for their mother). In my opinion, the cow above is huge. No body shot to prove my point, but she did want to know about the make and model of my camera.
The two older children are getting to work on their animals that they will be showing this year. Number 3 is beginning to assist with some of the brushing and so forth, but these animals don't quite have the best personality for her to start working with yet beyond that. She begged to do it herself, so when it seemed like safe moment, I let go and backed off.

She said, "Get your head up girl!" (In a very demanding tone!) I asked, "Where did ya' hear that?" She replied, "I've heard everything Grandpa has told them."

Every time I see this photo, I imagine the heifer, Patches, saying, "Now really. Who do you think is in charge here?" It is likely that Patches weighs 14 times what L weighs.But knowing Little L as I do, she is probably more in charge than Patches realizes. Or perhaps she does...notice the obediently held up head. L is demonstrating inappropriate footwear for working around cattle. (In case you were wondering...)


  1. I bet the man lurking in the background of picture #6 is about to burst with excitement from the sight of the next generation working the cows!

  2. I like your photos..
    I also love post card..want to make a postcard swap with you :)

  3. This is such a fun post, Tiffani! What a great life you live! :)