Saturday, March 26, 2011

Maple Syrup!

We have read multiple books that describe the maple syrup-making process over the years, and had one child who very much wanted to see it in action, so when we learned last fall of the Maple Syrup Festival in Parke County, we marked it on the calendar. Little G took this while we were at the starting point.Parke County is known for its covered bridges, and we happened upon two of them.There is also an Amish population there, but we only saw two of these:This is the first sugar camp we went to: It was the most state of the art, with lots of modern equipment.
Their system used reverse osmosis to remove a significant portion of the water from the sap, before boiling.

They had tubing running from their trees at this site, that drained into a plastic tub which they would pump it out of when it was full. (Little G took a video of that and it is at the bottom).
The second sugar camp we went to, also was home to a pair of bald eagles. We only saw this one, though they said both of them had been sitting there earlier. He was watching for fish in the creek below.
Their nest:
This was the most "primitive" of the three camps we stopped at.

At the last place we went to, they had a bucket on a treecollecting sap.
At times the steam was so thick you couldn't see anything.
Drip, drip, drip...

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