Sunday, October 3, 2010

Field trip

There have been too many educational activities to check out to get to many academics around here. Last week, a house my brother is remodeling (completely reconstructing?) was lifted up off of it's old foundation and moved to the back of the lot, so we stopped to watch that for a while.The men who were moving it, had dug under it, built the wood cribbings, placed these beams under it and jacked it up off the old foundation. Then they placed it on the "skates". Can you see the wheels on them in the picture below? If not, it will be more noticeable in the video at the end.After pulling it back as far as possible, they build more cribbing. There was a lot of measuring and leveling involved in this step.
They pulled the house with a Bobcat.Here is a short video of them moving it a few inches.

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  1. I'm always amazed to see this being done. How impossible it looks. How fun that you were there to witness it.