Sunday, May 2, 2010

Will it ever end??? (a post on snow soccer)

I sometimes have a warped sense of humor, but this snow business has gotten to the point where it is just silly and all one can do is laugh!Today we had soccer after church. The 12:30 games started and a storm swept in with blowing snow and the games were stopped after about 20 minutes or so. (I had gone to the grocery store - where it was sunny and fine - and received a call from Geoff to come back and get them.) We returned at 2:15 and it was sunny at the fields, but Geoff turned around and said "Here it comes again." You could see another storm wave coming around the mountains and across town, and after about 5 minutes it arrived and was like a blizzard. B's team still played in it for about half an hour before they stopped the game. I was impressed - she played well in spite of cold wind and blowing snow and her hair in her face the whole time. I could finally feel my fingers again when we got home. By the time we drove home and unloaded the car, it was sunny again.


  1. Flagstaff still makes me laugh! Crazy!

  2. love that top photo of you! so cute. snow in spring stinks. glad you can laugh about it. hope you had a wonderful mother's day!