Friday, April 2, 2010

What I am reading right now and a birthday idea

First I wanted to quickly share the link to a blog post about how one woman celebrated her birthday by performing one "random act of kindness" for every year of her life on that day. I liked all the ideas they had of ways to bless others. In studying 2 Corinthians through the book Lord, Give Me a Heart for You, one week is devoted to the ministry of giving, as Paul was giving instructions in that area to the Corinthians. They (and others) were giving to help out other believers who had a need, i.e. their giving was not random. It's interesting to learn what was taught about giving in that New Testament context, as compared to "tithing" which is frequently spoken of.

Geoff recently picked this book up at the library and we both have read/are reading it. It is an interesting read and educational. I never thought about this man having a family and how his actions affected/affect them. It also gives more insights into the religious culture of that area of the world, and will improve your geography knowledge as well.

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