Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday musings

Spring has finally arrived, though there are still piles of snow in shady areas that are stubbornly refusing to disappear, and even tonight there is a chance of more snow. This old girl is not in the best of shape. It was the first day out in the grass for them after the long winter. The kids also got out the skim board contraption (kind of like a big slip-n-slide) and set it up in the back yard - water and all - only a few feet away from one of the snow piles. They lasted about half an hour (it was in the low 60's) before they came in soaked and freezing, for warm showers.
The A Week in the Life Project starts next week and is tempting me. (The initial info is here, with further info here. A basic overview and more detailed description is here.) It basically involves taking a week to focus on telling more of the story of your everyday life, through scrapbooking. The problem is, I often start these projects, but rarely finish them. But it will also be the first full week of my life as a 40 year-old, and it could be interesting to record a glimpse of that and what life is like right now. I really just started to seriously consider it today, but have already had various thoughts about it. One is that it would be a time of journaling a little more. I seem to go through phases of keeping up with that and would like to be a little more consistent. Another thought has been to have the kids each do their own and have that be a part of our schooling for the week. In the past for the most part, I have told everyone's story but my own, and would like to focus a little more on that in order to leave a bit of a record for my family and perhaps give the kids more of a glimpse into who I am/was when they are older and can "get it" or relate to it more. This will probably churn in my mind a bit more before any final decisions or conclusions have been reached.
What about you? Have you ever done something like this?

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