Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello, again, hello!

Pardon my absence. We've had a few things going on around here. I'd like to blog about them soon, but haven't had the time. Even though I've spent the past hour catching up on The Pioneer Woman's cooking blog. I think I could just about throw away my vast collection of cookbooks and live off of the recipes on that site and her Tasty Kitchen companion site, where other readers contribute. Since she is quite free with cheese, cream, oil, butter and many other tasty and unhealthy ingredients (though not on quite as grand a scale as Paula Deen), it could also be the source of many unneeded pounds in our lives!

For every one's benefit though, I wanted to point out one particular post with links to recipes for creating homemade ingredients for everything from ranch dressing mix, to wonton wrappers, to mascarpone cheese.

Hope to report back later today or sometime tomorrow with updates and some pictures of things that have been accomplished in between some unfortunate moments the past week or two.

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