Thursday, March 18, 2010

For the girls

Last summer I made this skirt for my daughter, and there was quite a bit of fabric left. Then recently I came across some tank top style undershirts that my first daughter never wore, along with this tutorial on making sleeve wings or ruffles. The white shirts needed a little further embellishing, so this flower tutorial came in handy as well.The skirt is sewn to the t-shirt on this one. (My girls have never gotten the hang of pulling a skirt up like a dress instead of down like shorts, when using the restroom, and this prevents skirts on the floor of icky bathrooms!)We just added some white leggings and bicycle shorts and they were good to go! By the way, the little one in pink below is my niece. I also made her a white t-shirt with the "wings" and a flower, a headband with the flower sewn on, and still need to make her a little skort to finish it up so she can match her cousins! It turned out the cutest in my opinion, but I forgot to take a picture (which might, or might not have had something to do with the fact that I was finishing it up in the car on the way to her birthday party).

This picture was not taken at home, where we still have several feet of snow on the ground, but rather a few short hours drive away, where it was BLISS to escape from the clutches of winter for a few bittersweet days. (More on that to come.)

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  1. How darling! I made a tshirt dress too but I didn't post it. I need to cut off the bottom of the shirt before i attached the skirt. Oh well. It's in my flickr. You can't miss it, its the only one in there I think! Love the flowers on it and I love the 'utility' of the skirt. (bathroom ickyness no more!)