Monday, February 22, 2010

Snow day = sew day least in my mind.And amazingly, it actually happened today! One of my children commented this morning that the snow has sort of lost its appeal for the season now that we're on about our tenth foot or so, but it still slowed the day down and changed it up enough that I was able to whip up a bag for my daughter.
Last year, I won a bag similar to the one I made today from Cory at Sew Funky! My son latched onto it and has basically claimed it as his own. I would LOVE to support her business by purchasing two more for my daughters (or one of her cool messenger bags, or especially one of her newest creations - a hipster), who wanted ones as well, but unfortunately, at this time it is not in my budget, which is really too bad, because she uses beautiful fabrics and makes some really nice bags, key fobs, lanyards, and so forth. (If you are in the market for a new bag of some sort for yourself, a friend child, etc., look her up, and tell her who sent you!) Anyway, I don't have the same quality of fabrics (not in the budget at the moment either, but once the "stash" is depleted, maybe...), but this project killed two birds with one stone: It made my daughter happy, and used up something on hand. Now to make one for the other daughter. I cut two out of this material, but think I will dig further through the stash for something different for L.

Little G made a "chair" in the side of the driveway to take a break in. He's been a pretty big helper with shoveling this year (motivated in large part by financial compensation).


  1. How cool to get something done!!! Such a satisfying feeling! Post pics!

    We MIGHT finally get some snow here. MIGHT!
    We will see.

  2. I want to see the bag! I'm all into the pictures!