Saturday, February 20, 2010

Self-Portrait Friday and Saturday

This one was taken a few weeks ago and is a true snapshot of my life...on the computer!

I know that this one isn't very flattering, but I was already drinking coffee this morning when the kids came and handed me this large glass of Diet Coke. Geoff calls it "Caffeinated Mom" (but isn't going to win any photography contests in the near future). They had just dropped Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke and this time it was a flop. Possibly because it had been dropped on the ground? Fortunately when Little G did it for his science fair display and presentation yesterday, it worked!


  1. How sweet they brought you a soda! Even if it included the ahem, Mentos!
    Oh I loooove this song. I need to add Toby Mac to my playlist. Hmm gonna let it roll for a minute or two here!

  2. Oh wait wait, I just found Dancing Queen in your playlist. Love it! I made a cd for my daughter when she turned 3. It has Dancing Queen on there. I also include Boogie Shoes too. That song makes me wanna dance! But until I moved to where we are now. I was a (non professional) dancer so that's no surprise. I will probably blog about it one day.