Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Momma's Challenge: Buy 10 Save $5

Does anyone else have a hard time with this? For a while, my preferred grocery store was doing this every week. Then, to my delight, they stopped. But apparently it was just temporary.

It is a game. If you don't play it right, no deal. If you find out I've been checked into an insanity ward, this could have been a possible trigger. Mother's should get a "handicap" in this particular sport, especially on "Buy 10 Save $5 weeks." (Or as mentioned before, if grocery shopping with children was a penalty for crime, there might be less people in the detention center.)

It is challenging enough as a mom. I can either go by myself at precisely the same time as everyone else in the town can go to the store, or I can go with three children at some other time. Or on a banner day, BOTH. Not only do I have to manage the usual:

"Mooooommmmm! Make him stop!"
"Can we get yogurt? Why not? You never let us get anything!!!"
Are we done yet? Can we go? I don't like going to the grocery store." And so on.

And navigating a grocery cart that three other people are simultaneously trying to navigate, swing on, hold on to, stand on, lay on, and other non-intended uses, through a narrow space lined with wine bottle displays, ceramic coffee mugs, dinnerware, all the while attempting to avoid others who are trying to do the same.

And following my list while answering hundreds of questions on every imaginable topic.

But I ALSO have to keep a running tally of how many items that count toward the discount are in the cart. And should I miss by one...the savings on all are forfeited.

Which is exactly what they're hoping for.
I will not be defeated!!!


  1. I am screaming Yes! Amen to that sister! Oh yes, makes me crazy too! Seriously thought I was the only one experiencing this. I don't see other parents enduring their children like I have too. My friends never say anything about 'issues'. Glad to know I don't stand alone. Oh the endless questions on EVERY topic. Good Lord forbid I forget the list!! Oh but I don't budget shop. That ended when I had kids! ROFL! Oh and the wine stands, Yeah, my nine year old took one of those out...

  2. Way to persevere. Our store did this a couple of weeks ago too. We saved a ton of money, but it was a pain to figure out if we had enough. And we DIDN'T have the kids hanging on.