Monday, February 8, 2010

Another foot or so

As if the 5-6 feet we had a few weeks ago weren't enough, we woke up to this yesterday morning:
Note the depth on the trash can lid. Fortunately, this was light and fluffy stuff and we managed to get it cleared out and make it to church. Does the family that shovels together, stay together?


  1. I just can't even imagine ANY snow, much less THAT much! But it looks like fun.

    And shoveling together can't hurt... ;o)

  2. We got almost 2' this weekend and another 1' is expected tonight. It goes years between having big snows like this. But it is fun and I'm sure the kids will remember.

    Unfortunately, my husband spent all weekend clearing snow at work and clearing roads for the township. We were both "shoveling" just not together. :)

  3. that snow is your blog..thanks for stopping in..