Thursday, January 7, 2010

The year of ...finishing unfinished projects??!?!?

There are innumerable projects around the house just waiting to be tackled.

I'm just sayin'.

Such as the hanging organizer with clear pockets all across it that was started about 5 years ago, tucked away in a box, and peeks out at me nearly ever time I open the closet it is stashed in. It would be perfect for the girls doll accessories, if it were finished.

Or the December Daily projects from the last 2 years. (And lets not even think about the "Week in a Life" project from September of all printed but not one of them in an album.)
This list could go on forever...dining room chairs need recovered, "ducky" bathroom needs to be updated for older kids, every nook and cranny of the place that needs purging, etc., etc., etc. (There were a lot of "needs" in this paragraph. Are they really "needs?" I suppose not, but they kind of nag at me from time to time. Not sure what they're saying, but nevertheless, they nag.)

There are also numerous books I would like to read, both ones we have here around the house, and ones to check out from the library. And a few things I would like to learn, such as how to use some of the extra features on my sewing machine, how to crochet, how to take better pictures, and how to do more digital scrapbooking (add this to the list of reasons why, though I don't think I could ever go completely digital - I like working with the paper and having it in my hands, and the kids have expressed that they like the texture of paper layouts with all the little things added to them).

And really, a higher priority than any of these, is improving our school schedule and productivity, which has never seemed to get into a very smooth groove yet this year. This could be due to adding in one more child, and switching up the curriculum a bit as well, but is probably more truthfully due to some of my own areas of sin and shortcomings. But even higher on the priority list is the One who is my "one word" focus of the year.

To be honest though, when I think about all of these things, they are mostly all about "me" in some way or another, and that is not such a good thing. So at the top of the list, add in: "Practice dying to self and find more ways to serve others, and to help my children learn that as well."

Perhaps because it is a new year, there are so many things all filling my head. Add in the incessant chatter of the children and it all equals a lot of mental chaos, and missing of emails, and generally having a hard time getting it all together, mentally (or any other way for that matter!).
To finish this post on a more interesting note (or not), here is a photo from our recent cross country travels taken on a cold and foggy morning driving to Amarillo from Dallas. I have seen "real" photographers list things such as the aperture, exposure, etc., about their pictures. This picture was taken at 70mph out of a filthy car window. How do you like it?


  1. The picture is great! way to go!

  2. I like the photo too! This post was really inspiring...I am with you all the way (including the mental chaos!). I'm going to think on what it will look like to practice dying to self and help my children to learn this as well. This isn't a 101 class! Thanks for the insights and the encouragement to carry on.