Friday, January 22, 2010

On the other hand...

In the previous post, the fact that we are attempting to watch the fat content around here was mentioned, and this post is going to seem completely contradictory.

Because it is.The kids have asked for homemade doughnuts off and on for a few months. Around Christmas, I found this recipe for Crispy and Creamy Doughnuts and was going to try it, but we were eating so much already that it didn't seem right to add something else in on top of it.

(Doughnut holes are so cute!)

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are, in the midst of the biggest snow storm in decades with at least 5 feet of snow over the past few days, with 2-3" rain thrown into the mix yesterday. With all the shoveling and sledding and slogging through snow that was up to their waists, and neighbors all around to share them with, it seemed like a good time to do it. Oh, YUM! There were really good, and pretty spot-on with the "originals".

That was the sweet. Now on to the savory. (Dessert first sounds good to me.)

A White Chicken Chili recipe we hadn't had before was on tap for dinner this evening. But we've had several bean-based meals this week, and it was really time for a change. This recipe for Chicken Parmigiana came across my path a while back and came to mind as a bean-free alternative for the chicken tonight. I don't think I've ever eaten/made Chicken Parmigiana before, but will definitely be making it again!

I have only recently, as mentioned previously, jumped on The Pioneer Woman bandwagon (and probably ought to jump off before I gain 50 pounds or start to become more envious of her). Judging by photographs, my kitchen would fit in hers 12 times over (but as I was reminded in Julie and Julia, you can be an exceptional cook no matter what size your kitchen is). And she homeschools and blogs every day and writes books and goes on book tours and takes great pictures and lives on a ranch with lots of horses and feeds lots of people and...

But she doesn't have a meat pounder like this:

(OK, so L still thinks playing with raw chicken is great stuff, and doesn't realize that her delight is sparing her mother from a nasty job.)

Now down to business. My alterations:

I cut the chicken breasts in half after pounding them out,
used half whole wheat linguine and half regular,

I didn't measure, but was aiming to use half the oil and butter the recipe calls for.

As you can see, half is still plenty! And my arteries are still flowing.

And the final product:
You should make it.

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  1. I LOVE Chicken Parmigiana! Yours looks great...

    We've never made dougnuts. Ever. I may have to try it one day. I like that you made yours in the midst of some serious calorie burning. ;o)

    Pioneer Woman has an awesome site. Even on days when I don't have time to read it, I always find time to catch up another day! My main "envy" is the lodge. HSing there would keep my house less cluttered. LOL!