Saturday, October 3, 2009

Salad stories.

Grandma's Spaghetti Salad - comfort food, pure and simple
We lived near my father's parents while I was growing up and spent much time with them. I have many warm memories of my grandma, and more than a few of them are food-related. She would frequently cook for family gatherings such as birthdays and holidays. This is a dish she served from time to time that I remember really enjoying. In my adult life, I have not been a huge fan of pasta salads. It is just more enjoyable to me served warm. But I came across the recipe for this recently and felt like giving it a try again, just for "old times' sake." It really wasn't a recipe, but more of an ingredient list. Not having directions wasn't too big of a deal, but it does involve making a cooked dressing, that I wouldn't necessarily recommend to a novice, even with directions. But it didn't turn out half bad. There was one unfortunate incident. It calls for pimentos, which I happened to have in the pantry. Pimentos are unfortunately packaged in a glass jar. It is probably already obvious, that in the midst of getting them out and rearranging some other things, that pricey little glass jar of pimentos took a dive off the shelf onto the tile floor and exploded into a bajillion pieces.
Anyway, one child appreciated the rendezvous with historical family tastes and two did not even try it.


  1. It looks good! But I love pasta salads - hot or cold. LOL! I always like the foods that have a memory...

  2. YUM!!! Now I want spaghetti salad. However, no one at my house has any appreciation of or interest in spaghetti salad. They think its weird--I can tell you who is weird--and its not the spaghetti salad--its the people at my house. This is a taste treat!!


  3. I enjoyed getting caught up a bit today on your life after about a month of my blog non-checking. Loved the pictures of the kids and the whit you put in your writing. Hope that the CE credits are easier and more enjoyable (I know that that's a bit of a stretch, but...) than you are anticipating. Love you Tiffani.