Monday, October 26, 2009

A "romantic" dream

Be still my beating heart...
"Romantic" has come to have primarily one connotation in our present age, but if you have read Anne of Green Gables, you may be aware that 100 years ago, its meaning was a bit more diverse, and will understand what is implied by the title of this post.

Though I don't know when this became a dream of mine, for years now, the thought of a horse-drawn sleigh has enticed me. This beautiful one-horse open sleigh from the late 1800's, was sitting in the front of an auction house in Prescott when we were visiting there on Saturday. If I had $2500 to blow (oh, and a horse), it would be in our yard right now.
I'm going to have to go do some work on that photo. The sign on the seat described it.


  1. I have the horse! So if you'd be so kind as to send that sleigh.... ;o)