Thursday, August 27, 2009

A "teaser" post - whetting your appetite

For a few months now, I have been dreaming of writing some posts about my favorite cookbooks. You see, before the chaotic state of life that goes along with parenting in general and homeschooling in particular, I loved to read cookbooks and leave them all flagged up with bits of color-coded Post It notes. While I will occasionally get a chance to pick one up and thumb through it these days, the experience isn't quite as cathartic as it once was. For one, I've become much more selective with time, as our eating habits have become a bit healthier. And along with less time for reading cookbooks, there is also less time for cooking, as well, so a recipe that is highly time consuming has to really sound good for me to consider making it.

Every time I grab a cookbook off of one of the overloaded shelves they rest upon, I think about doing this for tow reasons. One, as a way of documenting that aspect of our lives for my kids (I have some cookbooks of my grandma's and would love to have stories that told about them). And two, because you might like one or two of our favorites as well! It would also be a good time to purge a few that aren't used much by doing a give away. It probably won't happen for a few months still (homeschooling to attend to as well as truckloads of pharmacy CE that have to be done in the next month), but keep an eye out. I will get to it one of these days!!!

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