Saturday, August 8, 2009

Remember when I mentioned reading The Pioneer Woman a while back? I hadn't returned to her site till today, but just discovered that she has a whole section devoted to photography with just the kind of info I can handle: short bites and not overly technical. Somehow I made it through pharmacy school but for the life of me, cannot wrap my brain around "apertures" and "f-stops" and all. There's just some block in the neurons that prevents it. Not to say I won't keep trying and might someday get it, but it probably won't be in this life phase where at every given minute of the day there are anywhere from one to four people talking to me. I love all 4 of them dearly of course, but 2 consecutive minutes of silence might do wonders for my tendency towards "ADHD" ("Acutely Drained Housewife - or Homeschooler - Disorder).

I went to the site looking for these Bacon-Wrapped Jalapenos that I learned about here, and ended up wasting 45 minutes that I did NOT have this morning reading posts on her site. Let me say again, that lady has a crazy-huge number of readers! Agh, and now the birthday girl and her entourage are down (up, really, but downstairs for the day and for presents and cinnamon rolls) and no shower for me yet. I'll regret this.

By the way, it was 38F outside and 58F inside when I got up this morning. Brrrr... Hopefully baking those rolls in the oven will warm the house up!

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