Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dreaming of being a little wild and crazy... and the evolution of the word "sick"

The kids and I saw one of these parked at Target yesterday. When we came back out, an older woman (probably close to my parents' ages) was stowing her packages and we stopped to talk with her about it. If three little people didn't need to go just about everywhere with me, I could imagine that it would be kind of fun to zip around on one (when it was snowing or raining, anyway). We followed her out of the parking lot with our windows down to hear what it sounded like and caught some teenagers coming out of the store saying something about it being "sick." Someone else had recently mentioned it in a conversation lately with it being used to mean that something was really great and/or unique. It got me started thinking that "sick" used to mean ill. Then for a long time, "sick" also meant gross. Now it seems to have morphed into meaning really cool, too.

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