Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just some "pretties"

After a few years of waiting, several hours of researching, and receiving some money for birthdays, etc., we invested in a new camera. For the most part I've been using primarily the "auto" setting and haven't had a ton of time to study and play with it. These were taken in Geoff's aunt's and uncle's garden in Scottsdale a few weekends ago. It is like a private oasis!

Now the camera situation has improved, but we're having technical difficulties with the computer. I still think digital photography is a hassle in many ways...


  1. So what kind of camera???? Do tell!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers! Yes, I agree that at times digital can be a hassle! Although, I love the benefits. My main thing is that it is hard for us to get pictures for when I am ready to scrapbook...hence I am WAAAAAAY behind in that area! :)